Check Out This For A Funky Pool

We shared this recently on our Facebook page, and it’s safe to say that there were a few blokes in particular who just loved it.


Why not we say… who wouldn’t love to play pool in a pool? You’d just want to hope that the pool table was waterproof 😉 (in actual fact, we reckon it’s not because there is some clear water staining near the middle pocket).

We found this image whilst searching around the ‘net, and all signs point to this little beauty existing in the US of A. Our guess is Vegas (where else?)

Whilst we’ve had our share of challenging projects, we’ve never been dealt the problem of fitting a pool table into an actual pool. Although, in this game, you never say never 😉

Recently we featured a project we built in Joondanna that is the epitomy of our saying… “We always find a way” – it’s no pool table in a pool, but it certainly provided some challenges of its own. Why not check it out.

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