MagnaPool – it’s mineral water for your pool. It makes harsh chemicals a thing of the past, providing soothing mineral water with your  well-being in mind.

The benefits of bathing in mineral water have long been celebrated across the globe. Now you can enjoy spa-style luxury in your own backyard.

While salt is used in many pools it creates a harsh sodium choloride. The MagnaPool system uses a Hydroxinator to create a silky smooth substance called Magnesium Hydroxide. This innovation in water science provides swimming pools with natural, therapeutic and environmentally friendly mineral water.

Used at many spa retreats throughout the world, its advantages include the following:

    • It does wonders for your skin, as the minerals are a unique blend of the natural ocean minerals
    • The health benefits of Magnesium and Potassium
    • It helps to reduce stress, anxiety, aches and pains
    • It detoxifyies the body and is great for many ailments and the “aches and pains” of older people
    • MagnaPool is gentle for babies and young children
    • It creates silky smooth water, not harsh like salt or chlorine pools
    • It’s cheaper to run than traditional salts or chemicals, and there is almost no back washing
    • It’s environmentally and garden friendly, as the back wash water can be re-used on the garden and your plants will thrive on the mineral water
    • MagnaPool keeps your pool crystal clear, with very little work
    • MagnaPool is odourless, and virtually chemical free

As a licensed Perth MagnaPool builder, Moonlight Pools are happy to explain how a new or existing pool can be quickly and easily converted to MagnaPool, for both domestic and commercial pools.

What’s more, the product is made by Poolrite, one of Australia’s most trusted creators of superior pool equipment.

Want to know more? Visit Magnapool’s website for a more detailed description of what it can do for you.